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EECO is a research group from the Biology Institute at Universidad de Antioquia (Colombia). We carry out research, teaching and outreach activities related to issues in biodiversity conservation and restoration in the Neotropics.



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Our Activities

We carry our research in population biology and functional ecology with plant species and forest ecosystems to support biodiversity conservation and restoration programs.

  Group members


  • Cristina López-Gallego  (see more)  Principal investigator  CV

  • Estela Quintero Vallejo (see more)   Principal investigator  CV


About us

We collaborate with several types of institutions (environmental authorities, protected areas, NGOs, etc.) implementing conservation programs. Aditionally, we desing and carry out capacity building programs for conservation.



We carry out research on variation of ecologically-relevant traits and its impacts on the evolutionary and ecological dynamics of populations of plants.


In this subject, our efforts are focused on ecological research to make recommendations and implement restoration programs of plant species and forest ecosystems.



We carry out studies of species with conservation interest (threatened, invasive species, etc.) to support conservation and management programs.

We produce publications like

research and divulgative papers and

student thesis, among others.









    - Conservation biology of plants



    - Restoration ecology



    - Other subjects in Evolutionary ecology and Plant ecology








Alianza Andes Tropicales (Internacional): colaboración para diseño y ejecución de actividades de capacitación y asesoría en conservación.
  • IUCN -Cycad Specialist Group (International): we collaborate to coordinate and carry out conservation activities for Cycad species at the national and global levels.

  • Montgomery Botanica Center (USA): we collaborate for carrying out research projects and support conservation programs for Cycad species.

  • Instituto Alexander von Humboldt (Colombia): we collaborate for coordinating and implementing research that can support several issues with the ´National Strategy for Plant Conservation´.

  • Parques Nacional Naturales (Colombia): we collaborate to support monitoring and conservation programs with plant species within protected areas.

  •  Alianza Andes Tropicales (International): we collaborate on the desing and implementation of capacity building programs for biodiversity conservation.
Alianza Andes Tropicales (Internacional): colaboración para diseño y ejecución de actividades de capacitación y asesoría en conservación.

Collaborations with other institutions :

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 Our group works actively with other institutions to implement activities of our ´National Strategy for Plant Conservation´.

In particular, we coordinate activities of the ´Conservation Action Plan for Zamia of Colombia´.

For more information on Zamia conservation, please visit the Colombian Cycad Society wepage.

    ooonjnnñkjnñkjñkbñv.lvlvlvOur Alianza Andes Tropicales (Internacional): colaboración para diseño y ejecución de actividades de capacitación y asesoría en conservación.

    Contact us


    Postal address :

    Cristina López-Gallego

    Instituto de Biología, Universidad de Antioquia

    A.A. 1226.  Medellín, COLOMBIA


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        Research publications :


    • Lopez-Gallego, C.  2016.  Understanding life history of Zamia species using data from field studies and botanical collections.  The Botanical Review. (in press).


              For more information, please see a summary of my CV,

              or look at my complete CV-LAC from Colciencias (in spanish)


    Cristina López-Gallego


    B.Sc. in Biology

    Universidad de Antioquia (Colombia)

    Ph.D. in Conservation Biology

    University of New Orleans (USA)


    Professor at the Biology Institute

    Universidad de Antioquia (Colombia)

    (since the year 2009 to present)


    CONTACT: mariac.lopez (at)



    Research interests :


    I am interested in exploring the variation in life-history and other ecologically-relevant traits in populations responding to environmental changes, particularly anthropogenic habitat changes. I use tools from population biology and evolutionary ecology to explore processes underlying patterns of variation in life history of populations. For my research I focus on plant species of conservation interest, like threatened and invasive species, and I have a special interest for Neotropical Cycads. For this research and its applications in conservation, I collaborate with researchers at Institutions like the IUCN Cycad Specialist Group, Montgomery Botanical Center (USA) and the National Biodiversity Institute in Colombia.


    I am also interested in developing academic courses in evolutionary ecology and conservation biology. I teach semester-long basic courses in ecology and conservation at the undergraduate and graduate level at Instituto de Biologia (Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia). I also participate regularly in field-based intensive courses (mostly with OTS & Alianza Andes Tropicales) in conservation biology for academics and non-academics (i.e. people working on conservation management).